Book Coaching

Help along the way

Book coaching, or story coaching, is like having a developmental editor, accountability coach, and cheerleader, all wrapped into one tidy package. 

We meet regularly (dealer's choice: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) to discuss progress on your book. 

It's one hour in which we focus on your writing, your story, and your concerns. We can discuss plotting, planning, character arc, theme, publishing - anything that is coming up for you regarding your story.  

Book coaching can be good for the occasional one-off brainstorming session, or to work through a single sticky issue, or you can meet regularly, bulding an ongoing relationship with someone who knows your story well and can help you every step along the way - from planning to plotting to writing to editing to publishing.

Things we might do in a book coaching session:

Brainstorm ideas for your novel

Tackle a sticky plot point that you're struggling with

Figure out how to drop some red herrings into your mystery novel

Flesh out your character's backstory

Talk about character arcs

Debate the merits of that dual POV setup you have going

Figure out what our theme is

Discuss comp titles 

Workshop your pitch package 

Talk about whether you should traditionally publish or self publish


I offer a "Pay-from-the-Heart" model for our sessions. This means that you will have the flexibility to choose the rate that feels right for you, based on your own circumstances and appreciation for our work together. 

I offer three payment options: $75, $100, or $125 per session. 

Additionally, you can add on for each hour:

3,000 words edited and reviewed in advance of our call ($50 add on fee)

Multi-Session Discount

Purchase five sessions and get one free, regardless of the pay-from-the-heart payment option you choose.

Group Sessions

Is this more than you can afford? Do you prefer to meet in a group? 

Well, grab a friend our four and schedule a session together. I'll meet with up to five participants at once, and split the fee amongst all of y'all. 

"Working through the Blueprint process with Angie really helped me take my jumble of thoughts and turn them into a meaningful and logical outline. I've used the inside outline in every stage of the writing process - from plotting, to drafting and all the way through revisions. The deep thought and insight Angie brought to my outline really helped remotivate me and made my novel a richer, more cohesive work."

- Sage Kahn