Manuscript Evaluation

Professional eyes on your draft

A manuscript evaluation is a big-picture analysis, focusing on foundational elements like theme, plot structure, character development, pacing, and potential marketability. 

This feedback is great if you don't want or need a full developmental edit, but you're seeking something more involved than a beta reader would give you. 

Submit your full manuscript, or just that one chapter that's been giving you trouble. 

What you get:

A detailed report summarizing the key strengths and areas for improvement in your manuscript, giving you a clear picture of where you stand, including:

Unsure? Get your first chapter (up to 3k words) evaluated for free!


.02 cents per word (or $20 per 1,000 words)

I accept partial manuscripts. This is a great way to get early feedback on what you have, to ensure you are on the right track. Or just to double-check a certain chapter that you are particularly struggling with.


Want to discuss your feedback? Add on a book coaching session.

How does this differ from developmental editing?

Developmental editing is way more involved. In addition to the editorial letter, you receive:

 Extensive in-line comments throughout the manuscript 

Scene-by-scene summaries

A much larger editorial letter, including feedback on 38 story elements 

A revision plan

Charts and graphs illustrating data on your novel